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Terms of Membership

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to set out users’ rights, obligations, and responsibilities in their use of the website ( provided by BionTech (“we,” “our,” “us,” “ours”).

Article 2 (Definitions)

  • As used herein, the following terms shall have the meaning set forth below.
  • ① The “website of BionTech” refers to the website operated by us to provide Service to users, using information and communications equipment including computers.
  • ② “Users” refers to members and non-members using our Service under these Terms and Conditions by accessing the website of BionTech.
  • ③ “Members” refers to those who can continuously use our Service as registered users after consenting to these Terms and Conditions and our Personal Information Handling Guidelines concerning their personal information provided to us.
  • ④ “ID” refers to a combination of letters and numbers chosen by members and approved by us for identification of members and their use of our Service.
  • ⑤ “Password” refers to a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters chosen by members to verify their IDs and protect their personal information.

Article 3 (Membership Subscription)

  • ① To be a member, a user shall enter his/her personal information in the form provided and then click the “Register” button.
  • ② We register a user stated in the foregoing ① as a member unless he/she falls under one of the following categories.
    • 1. A person who was disqualified due to violation of a clause of these Terms and Conditions and has not obtained our approval for reinstatement of the membership 3 years after the disqualification
    • 2. A person whose personal information provided for application includes false/wrong information or omits crucial information
    • 3. Where his/her registration as a member will clearly hamper our operation technically
  • ③ A person’s membership shall be deemed to take effect upon receipt of our approval.
  • ④ In the event of a change in the information provided in his/her application for membership, a member shall revise it immediately.

Article 4 (Effectiveness and Revision of Terms and Conditions)

  • ① We shall post these Terms and Conditions on our website to be readily available for all members.
  • ② We may revise these Terms and Conditions as long as it does not violate relevant acts such as the Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, the Digital Signature Act, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
  • ③ If these Terms and Conditions are revised, we shall post the information including the date of application and the reason for revision on the website from at least 7 days before the date of application until one day before the date of application. Where the revised content of these Terms and Conditions is disadvantageous to members, the pre-notice period shall be for at least 30 days and we shall compare the content of the pre-revision and post-revision clearly for members to see the difference without difficulty.
  • ④ Members may refuse to accept revision of these Terms and Conditions. In such a case, members shall stop using our Service and withdraw their membership. The Members’ continued use of our Service shall be deemed to be their consent to revision of these Terms and Conditions.
  • ⑤ We shall not be responsible for loss or damages incurred by members being unaware of the revision of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 5 (Use of Members’ Personal Information)

  • ① Our Personal Information Guidelines shall apply to members’ personal information.
  • ② We collect, use, manage, and protect our members’ personal information as follows.
    • 1. Collection: We collect members’ personal information at the time of their membership application including personal information provided by the members for community activities, participating in events, and for receiving advertisements or prizes.
    • 2. Use: We do not disclose members’ personal information to third parties without their prior consent. The foregoing sentence shall not apply where there is a request from a law enforcement agency under the law; where there is a request from the Korea Communications Standards Commission; where there is a request under a procedure set by the relevant law; where a member has disclosed his/her personal information voluntarily, etc.
    • 3. Management: A member may update or delete his/her personal information kept by us for protection and management of the personal information
    • 4. Protection: Only the member shall be allowed to access, update, or delete his/her personal information kept by us. Members shall not disclose their password and shall log out and close all browser windows upon completion of their work on the computer (especially when using a public computer, such as at an Internet cafe or library.)
    • 5. Others: Members shall remember that personal information that is personally provided online by the user (e.g. bulletin board or email) may be collected and used by others. A situation not desired by the member may occur due to personal information posted in a public space. Members are responsible for keeping their personal information confidential. We shall not be responsible for any result that may occur due to this leakage of personal information.
  • ③ Members' application for Service based on these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be their consent to our collection, use, and provision of their personal information as stated in the application form.

Article 6 (Service Interruption)

  • ① We may stop provision of Service temporarily when it is necessary to check and repair information and communications equipment such as computers. We may stop provision of Service completely when the existing ones need to be replaced with new Service equipment upon our judgment.
  • ② In the event of interruption of Service stated in clause ①, we will inform users in advance, using the method stated in Article 8 ② hereof. The foregoing sentence shall not apply where we are not able to provide pre-notice due to the interruption of Service caused by a reason beyond our control (e.g. a problem in the system not caused by the system controller’s willful misconduct, or egregious negligence).

Article 7 (Membership Withdrawal and Disqualification)

  • ① A user may ask us to withdraw his/her registration as a member at any time. In such a case, we will follow the relevant procedure immediately.
  • ② Where one of the following is the case concerning a user, we may put a restriction on or stop his/her membership temporarily or permanently, using an appropriate method.
    • 1. False information included in the membership application
    • 2. An act disturbing the order of electronic transaction such as hampering others’ use of Service or stealing information of others
    • 3. Engaging in an act prohibited by the law or these Terms and Conditions or that goes against established social morals and good customs
  • ③ Where we have decided to disqualify a member, we will inform him/her of it and give him/her an opportunity to explain him/herself in advance.

Article 8 (Notice to Users)

  • ① Where we need to give notice to specific users on matters other than revision of these Terms and Conditions stated in Article 4, we may do so through the email addresses provided to us or the email addresses stated in the users’ subscription forms.
  • ② As regards our notice made to unspecified users on matters other than revision of these Terms and Conditions stated in Article 4, such a notice posted by us on the bulletin board for at least a week may replace individual notices.

Article 9 (Protection of Users’ Personal Information)

  • ① We strive to protect users’ personal information including their information registered with us under the law and our Personal Information Handling Guidelines.

Article 10 (Our Obligations)

  • ① We do not engage in any act prohibited by the law, these Terms and Conditions, or established social morals and good customs. We strive to provide uninterrupted and stable Service to users under these Terms and Conditions.
  • ② We operate a security system for protection of users’ personal information (including credit information) and their safe use of Internet service.
  • ③ We do not transmit for-profit advertising emails against users’ wishes.
  • ④ We shall be responsible for making up for loss and/or damages incurred by users while using our Service due to our willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Article 11 (Users’ Obligations about ID and Password)

  • ① Users shall manage their ID and password adequately, except where we are responsible for handling them under the law or our Personal Information Handling Guidelines.
  • ② Users shall not let third parties use their ID and password.
  • ③ Where users find their ID and password being used without permission by a third party, they shall inform us immediately and follow our instructions.

Article 12 (Users’ Obligations)

  • ① Users shall not engage in any of the following acts:
    • 1. Using false information on membership application or when updating personal information
    • 2. Attempting to alter the information posted by us for the public
    • 3. Attempting to intrude on our, or a third party’s, personal right or intellectual property right or to disturb our, or a third party’s, business
    • 4. Unauthorized use of others’ ID
    • 5. Dispatch of junk mail, spam mail, chain letters, mail asking people to join in a pyramid organization, mail containing obscene or violent message/image/voice, display of information running afoul of established social morals and good customs
    • 6. Dispatching or posting information (e.g. computer program, etc.) against the law
    • 7. Impersonating an employee or manager of our Service or dispatching/posting an article/mail in the name of another person
    • 8. Dispatching via email or posting material containing a virus or other malicious computer code, file, or program designed to disturb or destroy normal operation of computer software/hardware or electric/communications equipment
    • 9. An act, including stalking, designed to harass other users
    • 10. Collection, storage, or disclosure of other users’ personal information without their prior consent
    • 11. An act of seeking profit, including advertisement or spam mail, using our Service, targeting unspecified people
    • 12. Violation of these Terms and Conditions and our regulations concerning the use of our Service
  • ② We may restrict or temporarily or permanently stop the membership of a user engaging in an act stated in clause ① under Article 7 ② and ③ hereof.
  • ③ Users shall make up for losses and/or damages incurred by other users due to a reason attributable to them.

Article 13 (Change in Members’ Personal Information)

  • ① Members shall inform us of changes in their personal information such as postal address or email address.
  • ② All responsibilities arising from failure to inform us of a change in members’ personal information shall rest with members and such a situation may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of our Service for them or cancellation of their membership.

Article 14 (Deletion of Posts)

Where materials posted by users for public attention fall under one of the following categories, we may delete them immediately and suspend their membership temporarily or permanently.

  • 1. Inclusion of content slandering or tarnishing the honor of another user or a third party
  • 2. Containing information, articles, or graphics running afoul of established social morals and good customs
  • 3. Inclusion of content judged to be associated with a crime
  • 4. Inclusion of content intruding on another user’s or a third party’s rights including intellectual property rights
  • 5. Inclusion of content judged to violate the law

Article 15 (Copyrights)

  • ① Intellectual property rights for all works edited/compiled by us shall revert to us.
  • ② Users shall not (let a third party) use information obtained through our Service for the purpose of profit by means of reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, or broadcast, etc. without our prior consent.

Article 16 (Loss Compensation)

We shall not be responsible for any loss and/or damages incurred by a member concerning our free Service, unless such loss and/or damages is/are caused by our own gross negligence.

Article 17 (Indemnification)

  • ① We shall not be responsible for interruption in the provision of Service due to force majeure, including acts of God, which are beyond our reasonable control.
  • ② We shall not be responsible for interruption in the provision of Service due to a reason attributable to members.
  • ③ We shall not be responsible for loss and/or damages caused by information provided by our Service.
  • ④ We shall not be responsible for the reliability or accuracy of the information provided by our Service.
  • ⑤ We shall not be responsible for the content of materials posted or transmitted by users and members.

Article 18 (Miscellaneous)

  • ① Matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions shall follow relevant laws or generally accepted commercial practices.

Article 19 (Use Fee Ascertainment and Payment)

  • ① Members may check monthly use fees for goods or services provided by us on the website of BionTech and pay the amount with a method we have specified (e.g. credit card or inter-account wire transfer).

Article 20 (Competent Jurisdiction)

A lawsuit arising concerning our Service shall be brought before the Seoul Central District Court or a court with the competent jurisdiction under the Civil Procedure Act.

Additional Rules

These Terms and Conditions shall take effect on March 1, 2017. These Terms and Conditions shall supersede all preceding Terms and Conditions.


Privacy Statement

We at BionTech value our customers’ personal information and observe the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection. We inform our customers how we use the personal information they provide and what measures we take for its protection based on these Guidelines. Upon revision of these Guidelines, we will inform our customers through our website or individual mail.

Article 1 (Personal information collected)

  • ① We collect the following personal information for provision of our services.
    • 1. Items collected: name, DOB, log-in ID, password, home phone number, home address, cell phone number, email, consent to receipt of our mails
    • 2. Methods used for collection of personal information items: our website at the time of membership subscription

Article 2 (Purpose of Handling Personal Information)

  • ① We use personal information for the following purposes:
    • 1. Fee-related account settlement concerning provision of services
    • 2. Identification of members, prevention of unauthorized access to service, verification of member’s ages, checking the consent of legal agents for minors (those under 14 years of age) concerning collection of personal information, handling of complaints, public notices, etc.
    • 3. Marketing and advertisement

      For development of new services/goods, transmission of advertising information, provision of service based on demographic characteristics, checking connection frequency, statistics on members’ use of service, etc.

Article 3 (Period of storing and using personal information)

  • ① We immediately destroy stored personal information upon attaining the purpose of collecting and using said personal information.

Article 4 (Personal information disposal procedure and method)

  • ① We dispose of personal information collected as follows:
    • 1. Procedure of disposal

      We destroy personal information as soon as we have attained the purpose of retention or at the end of the retention period in a separate database (or a document file) as required by law and our internal guidelines. We do not use personal information for purposes other than those required by law.

    • 2. Method of disposal

      i. Paper printouts containing personal information: Destroyed with a shredder

      ii. Electronic files containing personal information: Destroyed in a non-recoverable way

Article 5 (Providing personal information to others)

  • ① We do not share or provide our customers’ personal information with/to third parties unless one of the following is the case:
    • 1. Where we obtained our customers’ prior consent;
    • 2. Where there is a request from a law enforcement agency under the law.

Article 6 (Entrustment of personal information handling)

Where we need to entrust the handling of our customers’ personal information for efficiency, we provide customers with information on the trustee and the content of business entrusted. When signing a contract for the said entrustment, we ensure that the relevant laws are observed. Personal information is not provided to third parties without permission, and the responsibility is clearly defined concerning an accident involving leakage of personal information. Where the entrustee is changed, we will inform our customers on the page on which these Guidelines are posted and make a public notice.

Article 7 (Rights of customers or their legal agents and how to use these rights)

  • ① Our customers and their legal agents of a minor (under 14) have the right to access their or their minor’s personal information, to make changes, and to request for withdrawal of the membership.
  • ② Our customers and their legal agents of a minor (under 14) may revise their personal information or withdraw their membership by following the procedure for personal identification. Customers may also contact us in writing or by phone or e-mail, and we will take necessary measures immediately.
  • ③ Where a customer asks us for correction of an error in his/her personal information, we suspend the use or provision of such information until the correction has been made. Where we have provided incorrect personal information to a third party, we will inform the third party of the action taken for correction.
  • ④ As for personal information withdrawn or deleted by a customers or his/her legal agent, we will handle it under the regulation concerning the period for retention and use of personal information collected by us and ensure that the said information cannot be accessed or used for any other purpose.

Article 8 (Operation of devices for automatic collection of personal information; matters regarding rejection of the use of such devices)

  • ① We do not use devices that automatically collect cookies or personal information created when using Internet services.

Article 9 (Operation of Personal Information Manager)

  • ① We have designated a Personal Information Manager and relevant departments as follows to handle our customers’ complaints and inquiries regarding personal information:
    • Personal Information Manager: Jo Gyu-dae
    • ☎ : 1588-3853
    • Email :
  • ② You may report any complaints arising from personal information handling when using our service to the Personal Information Manager or relevant department. We will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Please direct inquiries to the following agency concerning personal information-related report or consultation if you need further assistance.
    • 1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (☎118)
    • 2. Information Protection Mark Certification Committee (☎02-580-0533~4)
    • 3. Cybercrime Investigation Center of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (☎02-3480-3573)
    • 4. Cyber Bureau of the National Police Agency (☎1566-0112)